Natural Born Sinner – a killer review!


I was very flattered and honoured when the beautiful and gifted erotic romance author Sarah Stein said she wanted to read one of my stories, the very naughty Natural Born Sinner – Tales Of A Secret Slut Parts 1-3! I’m pleased to say that she enjoyed it and gave it a great review:

“This is a three-part sexy read. Liz sure does think up some crazy sinful thoughts before actually living them in reality. She’s a woman who cares for her children, is an upstanding woman of the church, and a devoted wife. Yet, her desires end up ruling her. If you’re looking for a hot, steamy read then look no further.” – 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon Kindle.

What Sarah doesn’t know yet is that this story is based on many conversations I had with a very special friend of mine, who confessed to me her sins like a good Catholic! So, dear readers, if you haven’t read this story yet, you can enjoy it knowing what happens is actually based on true events! And I loved writing about Liz’s adventures so much that there may even be a sequel in the offing…..

You can buy Natural Born Sinner – Tales Of A Secret Slut Parts 1-3 HERE

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