My Best Friend’s Son – Parts 1-3 By Daniella Donati All three parts in the erotic short-story series My Best Friend’s Son about taboo desires, forbidden attraction, and sexual betrayal.10,000 words approx. Jacqui Dawson had been best friends with Nina since their college days, and now Jacqui found herself getting divorced as Nina enjoyed an idyllic family life with her husband and son.When Nina goes away with her husband on business for the summer, Jacqui decides it’s time to get to know Nina’s son better, and explore the intense simmering sexual attraction between them, with highly erotic results.
The Cougar Clubhouse Parts 1- 3: Part 1, Part 2: When Jackie Left Town,Part 3: The Gloryhole By Daniella Donati. The first three parts in the now popular erotic short-story series about the sexual escapades of a group of cougars who decide to liven up their nightlife with a night at the local clubhouse for just them and some local younger men….. Jackie is a recently divorced 42 year old, who so far has been repressing her attraction to younger men.Fortunately, some of her friends are more experienced in that area, and manage to talk her into holding a night at the local clubhouse, a party for only them and a select group of younger men.When the night finally arrives, it ends up a much wilder party than anyone could have hoped for… CLICK LINK TO BUY:
Cougar Island – Parts 1-3: Island of Lust, Cynthia’s Sexual Awakening, After The Burlesque Bar By Daniella Donati All three parts in the highly erotic short story series about cougar/cub sexual desires. Scenes of a graphic sexual nature. Cynthia Bradbury is 45,newly divorced, wanting to have some fun after a repressed marriage. When she complains to her friends about men her age, Cougar Island becomes the topic of conversation, a holiday resort purely for cougars and cubs. Cynthia’s sons and their friends happen to be planning their summer holiday and choose Cougar Island, starting a descent into hedonism and lust for all concerned… CLICK LINK TO BUY:


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