Family Affairs (Highly Taboo)

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Oedipussy: Confessions of A Debauched Mother Parts 1 -3: The Scent of Incest – Playing With Fire – A Risk Too Far… The confessions of Marianne Howarth, a woman of 43 years, who finds herself middle-aged and married to a high flying but very busy husband. In her husband’s absence, she notices how her eighteen year old son Marc tries to impress her by excelling in every field as if to prove himself, and when she finds other older women have been flirting with him, he confesses that it’s her he really wants…CLICK LINK TO BUY
Mother Likes It Nasty Volumes 1 & 2 : The Seduction, Surrender To Lust, All For Mother’s Milk… Motherly Love, Mother and Son Reunion, Sons With Benefits By Daniella Donati All six parts in the erotic short-story series Mother Likes It Nasty about adult family love. Georgina is a woman in her forties, married to a business tycoon who has given her everything she could wish for, but is hardly ever around. Her son Toby, meanwhile, is finding out that girls his age aren’t always the most exciting. When Georgina’s friend suggests she take a younger lover to ease her frustration, she doesn’t take the idea seriously until she realizes her attraction to her son…CLICK HERE TO BUY
The Stepson – Volumes 1 & 2 By Daniella Donati. All six parts (both volumes) in the erotic classic about taboo desire, betrayal and temptation.Highly explicit sex scenes throughout. Jason Gardner is now 21 and freshly graduated from college.He returns home to meet his new family after his father remarried, his new stepmother Linda and her two daughters Heidi and Stephanie.When his father finds work on an oil rig, Jason finds himself living with three attractive females, who are obviously out of bounds, so he keeps telling himself….contains highly explicit sex scenes… CLICK LINK TO BUY:
Innocest Parts 1-3: Charlotte’s 18th, Daddy’s Spoilt Princess,Two Daddies, Two Daughters By Daniella Donati. The first three parts in the now hugely popular erotic short-story series about Charlotte and her best friend Annie, eighteen and nineteen, who find they both share a special secret relationship with their fathers behind their mother’s backs…. Charlotte is approaching eighteen, and plans to make the most of her weekend alone with her father just before her birthday, as she wants a present that will need more than just a flutter of her eyelashes……CLICK LINK TO BUY:
Innocest Volume 2 Parts 1-3: Melanie and Cindy’s Secret, The Family That Plays Together and A Family Affair…. By Daniella Donati The first three parts in the 2nd volume of the hugely popular short story series Innocest following the sexual escapades of Charlotte, eighteen, and her best friend Annie,nineteen, both close to their fathers and eager to find more girls like them…… After Annie and Charlotte both enjoy their fathers at Oakland’s Stables, Annie decides to look on the net to see if she can find more girls like them. She gets chatting to Melanie, who seems a bit boring at first, but as she learns more about her family, it’s not long before they meet up for nights of sin….CLICK LINK TO BUY:
Father of the Bride Parts 1- 3:Before The Wedding, The Honeymoon, Caught In The Act By Daniella Donati. The first three parts in the now popular highly erotic short story series about adult father/daughter love. Josephine is nineteen and about to marry her pleasant but boring fiance Jamie in just under an hour. She’s waiting for her father to arrive, to walk her down the aisle, but she hasn’t seen him for 18 months.When he does turn up, their emotional reunion takes an unexpected turn when he reveals his feelings…CLICK LINK TO BUY:


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