My Black Master – Parts 1-3 By Daniella Donati. All three parts in the erotic short-story series My Black Master about interracial desire, domination and submission.Highly explicit sexual scenes throughout. Less My Black Master – Part One : Meet Me At Midnight… Cynthia Crenshaw is 32 and married to wealthy but boring Colin.When her job as a fashion magazine writer leads her to Kyle Benson, a charismatic black model, her world turns upside down.His powerful personality soon overwhelms her and she turns from a faithful wife into Kyle’s whore, prepared to do anything her black master requires….explicit sexual scenes. CLICK LINK TO BUY:
Fifty Shades Of Black – Parts 1-3: The Night She Met Tyrell…- Gangbang At Midnight – The Breeding Party By Daniella Donati. All 3 parts in the now hugely popular erotic short-story series about interracial domination and submission. Highly explicit sexual scenes throughout. The town of Richdale, a polite middle-class town of white-picket fence suburbia is shook when the scandalous summer blockbuster Black Knight, about a white woman’s affair with a dominant black man, hits the cinemas, it’s not long before the bored, frustrated housewives of Richdale go and see it and wonder what it would be like to try it…and soon some of them do…explicit sex scenes…. CLICK LINK TO BUY:
Once You Try Black… – Parts 1-3 By Daniella Donati. All 3 parts in the highly popular short-story series exploring the taboo and pleasures of interracial sex.Highly explicit sex scenes throughout. Roni Michaels had lived a virtuous life throughout her marriage but now newly divorced, her friends were trying to get her to experiment.She’d so far resisted the temptation to explore her sexuality, but when her daughter Abigail, but temptation arrives in the form of Tyler, her daughter’s handsome, black boyfriend..when Tyler arrives early for a date, the fun begins… CLICK LINK TO BUY:

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