Nasty Habits: Confessions of A Sinful Nun – Parts 1-3: After Midnight Prayers, When The Abbess Was Away, A Superior Sinner By Daniella Donati. All three parts in the erotic short-story series Nasty Habits: Confessions of A Sinful Nun about religion and suppressed sexual desires. 10,500 words approx. All Mary had wanted to be from her early years was a nun. When she finally gets to achieve her dream, she is shocked by the austerity by which the cloistered nuns live their lives. However, things are not quite as pure and angelic as they seem, and before long Mary sees a much less holy side to her fellow nuns and is tempted to stray from the righteous path, soon drawn into wicked lust and sin…CLICK LINK TO BUY:
Natural Born Sinner – Tales Of A Secret Slut Parts 1-3 By Daniella Donati. All three parts in the erotic short story series about sin, temptation and lust.Sexually explicit scenes throughout. Elizabeth Bracknell is outwardly the perfect wife and mother, a devoted Catholic who has risen to the role of president in the Church Guild.However, she hides a shameful secret, leading a double life that she manages to keep concealed from everybody.She finds herself reflecting on the turning point in her life, and how that after that moment she knew that she was just a natural born sinner…CLICK LINK TO BUY:
The Devil in Miss Delilah – Parts 1-3: The Sinner Inside,The Temptation of Miss Abraham, Meet Me In The Church At Midnight By Daniella Donati All three parts in the erotic short-story series The Devil in Miss Delilah about adult taboo desires and sexual exploration….. explicit sex scenes…. Delilah Hardy, nineteen, has led a sheltered existence until now as the only daughter of a priest and his prim wife Mary. However, her eyes are opened as she explores the world of the erotic through the internet and it’s not long before she wants to turn her most wicked fantasies into a reality….explicit sex scenes….CLICK LINK TO BUY:

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