Sexual Confessions

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Confessions Of A Whore Bride – Parts 1-3 By Daniella Donati. All three parts in the short-story series Confessions Of A Whore Bride about a woman’s obsession with sexual debauchery during her weddings. 11,000 words approx. When my first marriage ended in divorce, I swore to myself that I’d never get married again, but when I explored my sexuality after my divorce I started developing a fetish for group sex at a wedding…as the bride. When I found myself fantasizing about being a slutty bride, and confessed it to my friend, the idea of making it a reality became too tempting to resist….sexually explicit scenes….. CLICK LINK TO BUY:
An Erotica Writer’s Confessions Parts 1-3 By Daniella Donati. All three parts in the erotic short-story series An Erotica Writer’s Confessions about adult taboo desires and sexual exploration.11,000 words approx. When I struck up an online friendship with my favourite erotic actress, Magdalene St. Matthews, the last thing I expected was for her to suggest that she visit me in England.Though I’d had wild fantasies about her for years, nothing could prepare me for the erotic excitement of our first evening together, with Magdalene proving even wilder than she seemed in her films…explicit sex scenes…CLICK LINK TO BUY:
Confessions Of A Riding Instructor – Parts 1-3: Behind Locked Doors, Undressing After Dressage, Riding Bareback By Daniella Donati. All three parts in the erotic short-story series Confessions of A Riding Instructor about a riding instructor’s sexual adventures and confessions. 11,000 words approx. My name is Jed Adams. Growing up in a wealthy family, and with a love of horse riding, it was inevitable that I would become involved in my father’s equestrian academy. While I tried to be professional at all times, the temptation faced in a job like mine meant that I sometimes fell from grace. Nothing was more tempting than the gorgeous Megan Jenkins…explicit sex scenes… CLICK LINK TO BUY:
Confessions of A Tennis Coach – Parts 1-3: Nobody Needs To Know, Games of Temptation, The After-Match Orgy By Daniella Donati. A lesbian tennis coach finds herself struggling with temptation when she starts a summer tennis academy for young women. Explicit sex scenes. 9,300 words approx. See long description for more info. Less Part One: Nobody Needs To Know… ‘It was in the second week though that I sensed the growing chemistry between us. Our lessons were two hours long and in close proximity for prolonged periods, which meant a degree of closeness and light flirting were soon unavoidable. That summer was extremely hot and sultry and I have to confess the sight of Nicola’s lissom body covered in beads of perspiration was very arousing’. CLICK LINK TO BUY:

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